How well do you know your client’s values?

Emphasis is usually on action in coaching.  When might action conflict with a client’s value.  Has seeking to move clients’ into action clashed with client values?  In my own life, there are times, when I value reflection and would value my coach supporting me in resisting action.  Am I alone?

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2 Responses to How well do you know your client’s values?

  1. David says:

    I agree with you, there are times when resting and reflecting are invaluable to coaching. However, as long as that is part of the process gearing up for future action.

    • icachris says:

      As coaches some of us are prone to action and others more prone to procrastination. For a procrastinating client, naybe rest and reflection might become avoidance. For those very prone to action, then creating rest and space for reflection could itself be an action, in my opinion. I agree that there needs to be a commitment to taking action during the course of the coaching. Otherwise, the client may as well be spending his/her time in a different way.

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