What makes a connection ’empowering’?

In this age of instant messaging, texting and twitter, some argue that connections are very shallow.  What do you think?  Someone once said that whenever we walk into the room we have made a difference.  We are occupying space.  People will look up.  The dynamics have changed.  We have the power to shape the connection.  Our choice is in HOW we choose to shape it.  This was at the time an ’empowering’  statement and a challenge for me.  I had to recognise that making a difference is inevitable and I could choose what sort of difference I wanted to make.

Our connections may at times be short and fleeting yet we can make a difference by a look or a word.  It’s not rocket science.  We can choose to make a difference for good or otherwise, can’t we.

In the last day or two a friend has made a difference to me for saying what our friendship means.  How often do we tell people how much we value them.  Let’s go for it!

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