Is your tank half full or half empty?

Imagine you were to make a journey by car.  You take a glance at the petrol gauge to see if you’ve got enough fuel or if you need to fill up first.  Some of us would imagine that we could do the journey three times over on ‘that amount of petrol’.  Others would think that we might need more fuel first.  Some of us are naturally more ready to take risks than others.

I recently test drove a new car and for the first time in 10 years the sales person and I ran out of petrol on the test drive!  This presented me with a choice. How would I respond?  Would I focus on the fact that I had another commitment in  ‘x’ amount of time and worry about being late?  I chose NOT to worry about what I couldn’t change.  Instead,  we had good rapport between us and I saw the opportunity to say that ‘IF I bought the car, then the least the company could do would be to give me some petrol!’.  This was said with good humour and with a sense of fun.  I ended up with the fuel and negotiated further discount on the car, when that wasn’t initially an option.

I could have been ‘bogged’ down with the inconvenience and ‘worried’ about the consequences as it was true I had a hospital run to do and had limited time.  I CHOSE to see the funny side of the situation and to the sales person’s relief did not start complaining.  We all have such choices.  And in this situation, I saw an opportunity (because my mind wasn’t already full of negatives) for a business move – the free fuel.

It’s easy to get used to seeing the negative and the problems, particularly for those who have grown up in homes which didn’t offer positive, happy environments.  However, for ALL OF US, we do have choice about HOW we think and whether we view our tanks  (or glasses if you like) as half full or half empty. 

Here’s a challenge.  Is there an area of your life where you are viewing your tank as half full?  How is this helping you?  And also, is there another area where you see your tank as half empty.  How could deciding to think of your tank as half full in that situation alter things. 

I encourage you to have a think and if willing share how this has helped you by responding to my post.

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