So what do you want to be remembered for?

Today, I heard that a speaker was coming to speak on ‘FINISHING WELL’ as leaders and influencers.  I wonder, if today or tomorrow were to be our last day on the planet, what would we be remembered for?  What steps do we need to take to know that we will have finished welll and be pleased with the legacy we leave.  I am currently preparing a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents and it has been moving to hear the comments people have made about my parents and the joy they are sharing.  What we leave behind can be haphazard or we can help shape it.

At the time of the UK Papal visit, we have been encouraged to think what is important to us.  What sort of society do we want in the UK and what values matter to us.  I want to be remembered for getting up again when I make mistakes and being someone who reflects the characteristics of the God I say I follow.  Long way to go yet but that’s me.  How about you?

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