The effects of the season on motivation

I have noticed that with the snowy weather, the temptation of hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows increases enormously!  Then there’s ill health.  Having spent yesterday in bed with hardly any voice, eating and recording what I eat slips off my radar.  I can’t remember if I had breakfast.  I had a sandwich at 3 and eventually after drafting in some help 1/2 a boring pizza at about 8.

I am aware that my motivation for weight loss is low.  The initial buzz of some comfort eating – the hot chocolate seems far more real.  So I am logging this so that I do have empathy for others in this situation, even when my motivation is up again. 

So external factors make a difference.  Motivation from others can only go so far.  It is the internal/intrinsic motivation that enables us to achieve our dreams.  Feels like my intrinsic motivation has gone on leave!!

I have made 2 sessions at the gym but at the second one the trainer was ill and flu-y. I cut short the session and spent the next day in bed myself.  Today, I’m groggy but a bit better than yesterday.  Having weighed myself I don’t like what I see.  That might help me regain my intrinsic motivation.  This is moving away from what I dont want (a high figure on the scales).  Generally speaking, motivation is higher when we move towards what we do want, rather than away from what we dont want.  That’s my free tip and I’ll do well to follow it.  So, moving towards feeling healthier with more nutrients inside me etc would be a more useful motivation.    It might be a tin of soup today!

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