What do we do with disappointment?

It is easy when disappointed to try to protect ourselves from further disappointment. Ever noticed this usually leads to more? Self-protection is an understandable response to pain. Who goes out looking for pain? It can also lead to negative thoughts, words and depression. But this is not the only route!!

Some pain does not have an immediate fix! However, we can always learn from it! When disappointed there are still many choices open to us in terms of how we respond to our disappointment – especially when it feels like there is NO CHOICE at all! We can feed our disappointment by putting negative meanings on life events and conversations or we can choose to look for HOPE and pursue it. What is it that brings you hope and meaning in life? Or Who is it who gives you hope and meaning?

Outside my window today the sun is shining and the holly tree is covered with berries. IT’s up to me whether I choose to appreciate that or not. For people of faith, Hope is an ongoing reality – however we feel and whatever our circumstances. I believe that whilst how we feel and what we think changes, that there is an unchanging God whose love for us is solid and unchanging. And for those who don’t believe right now, what if one day you were to find out that this is indeed true! Let’s be open to there being truth beyond our current experience.

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