Weight Loss Tip 3 – Question for discussion – How to drink enough water?

Have you ever looked at a glass of water and it’s felt too much to drink? I have a dance teacher friend who drinks with a straw at times. Somehow it makes it easier – if you’ve a straw around and more like a party game.

I personally find that I drink 1 pint of water with a fizzy vitamin c tablet at the start of each day to remind me to drink water. Then if I don’t feel thirsty I can forget. I have read it is a good idea to sip the water and build up to the recommended allowance to avoid feeling sick etc.

I quite enjoy a mug of boiled water with a slice of lemon or lime from the kettle. Not everyone’s forte but if you do it occasionally then it adds variety.

I have also bought a litre bottle of water to take out with me, so that I keep an idea of how much I am drinking. 2 litres a day for women is where to aim for (approx 4.5 pints a day if I am not mistaken). Correct me if I am wrong.

Another tip is that if you choose water over a smoothie for example you can save your calorie intake for later.

Has anyone else any tips?

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