The Call – Life Purpose Assessment

Check out for more information on this faith-based assessment to help you identify your call – whether that be for your job or ministry.  Contact chris at for further info.  Read on to hear how clients rate ‘The Call’:

The experience of taking ‘The Call’ has been very positive because it allowed me to search myself more deeply and consequently to understand myself at a deeper level.

Chris, being very people-oriented gave a clear and unique explanation of ‘The Calll’.  I discovered  aspects of my personality that I did not even know existed. The benefits include understanding more about how I think, my likes and dislikes as well as better understanding  my relationship with my husband.   (This was because Chris used a side-by-side comparison report outlining both my results and my husband’s).

I would recommend ‘the Call’ without reservation as it is an investment into the person him/herself. People will find out things about themselves such as one’s motivation for behaving in a  particular way.

It is fascinating to have Chris as Coach because she is a bright and brilliant woman, who truly wants to help the whole person.  I think that makes a big difference.  I am fascinated in seeing what will happen tin time as a result of this consultation.   I strongly recommend that you take ‘The Call’ to discover more about yourself too.

Lorenza Kirk, 2010


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