chris2At Empowered Connections Coaching,  you have the opportunity of a  ‘coaching partnership’ to ignite your passion and pursue your purpose.  Living life to the full is an option for all of us – full in terms of quality  – not just quantity.    Since 2004,  Chris Porter has coached (in the UK and internationally via the internet) professionals from all walks of life including barristers,  small business owners, middle managers, professionals in mid-life transitions, creative people with dreams to be realized and trainee coaches with a vision to invest in people.

Do you want clarity in your business or personal life?  Do you want to live life with greater energy, passion? Do you want to live life with greater purpose?   Then contact in the first instance to arrange a 20 mins conversation with me to see how Empowered Connections may be able to serve you.

Find out how others have benefited from Empowered Connections Coaching on the ‘testimonial page’. How much would insightful questions, attentive listening, and investing in working with someone who has learnt how to move forward purposefully and strategically be of value right now?  We have one life.  Let’s make the most of it!



  1. Cynthia says:

    Chris, I like the front page of your webpage! Full of energy, just like you!

  2. Deb Denis says:

    Hi Chris, just took the surveys for your research paper. The Coach version took 3 min. and the Client version took 5 because I had to look up my values from last assessment (not required but I wanted to).

    Recommended tool: VIA Signature Strengths from

    The Values In Action index contains 24 strengths, developed after extensive academic research by positive psychologists. Just as various schools of psychology have been responses to those before them, these 24 values (character strengths & virtues) are the reponse to the DSM list/model of illnesses – they are the WELLNESS list.

    Clients have to register to take the assessment but it’s free, they are never spammed, and the data becomes part of a huge global database used by scholars from around the world who are researching wellness/positive psychology. It’s paying it forward and receiving cool information about yourself all at the same time.

    I have a strengths-based model of coaching and use this with most of my clients because it puts words and descriptions around what is most important to them. It is a validation, increasing awareness of the best about them and I have to tell you that I have some awesome clients so there’s always a lot of good there!

    Best of luck with your research. Please let me know if I can help.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Jeremie says:

    I agree with Deb, the Authentic Happiness site is definitely worth a look. There are a ton of assessments to play around with personally and then you can decide which ones work best with your style and with your clients needs.


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